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  • Noonweb - Vision & Mission
    Noonweb - Vision & Mission
    Vision & Mission

    Vision, Mission & Goals


    NCW vision is to empower poor people as to create a path out of poverty for them and in sighted to see our community without poverty where everyone in the region can afford their most basic necessities.

    As a charity organization, NCW has a mission to build self-reliance for pre-marginalized and impoverished community for their own development so that they can stand on their own with minimal assistance and support relieving them from dependency. This shared mission aims to reflect “NCW‟s motto that “Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it”. And also has a mission of improving the quality of life of these societies by influencing individuals, groups and institutions in to realizing the humanitarian concerns through providing the venue for them.

    • • Our values are: Neutrality – we provide support for community based on humanity and impartiality
    • Respect – we respect the unique worth of every individual stakeholders
    • Empower- every marginalized, vulnerable people and individuals in our accessibility has the opportunity to be supported as for empowerment.
    • Integrity – we’re open, consistent and accountable in all that we do.
    • Influence – we use our skills and knowledge to encourage change and innovation among our societies.

    As Noon Community Welfare our goal is to empower economically weak peoples and to bring sustainable development by curbing the problem of access to basic needs including health, education, pure water supply and other socio-economic problems.